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Commanding Officers & Supply Officers


Commanding Officers
Captain John W Wells, USN
Captain Jean L. Girard, USN
Captain K.  A. Porter, USN
Captain John W. Wells, USN
Rear Admiral Frederick G. Fellowes, USN
Captain John A. Burns, USN
Captain Richard O. Gooden, USN
Rear Admiral D. G. Primeau, USN
Captain William R. Zipperer, USN
Rear Admiral R.L. Leuschner, Jr., USN
Captain John B. Doolittle, USN
Captain Tommy L. Sanders, USN
Captain Bernard J. Smith, USN
Rear Admiral Robert L. Ellis, USN
Captain W.W. Copeland, USN
Captain Timothy Beard
Captain R. E. Suggs
Supply Officers
Captain P. Trimble, SC, USN
Captain O. W. Hamilton, SC, USN
Captain W. R. Drury, SC, USN
Captain A. G. Zanetti, SC, USN
Captain H. E. Kuhns, SC, USN
Captain E. H. Tempest, SC, USN
Captain L. J. Sapera, SC, USN
Rear Admiral D. R. Ruble, SC, USN
Captain J. T. Scudi, SC, USN
Captain S.C. Printz, SC, USN
Captain J. L. Palanok, SC, USN
Captain D. L. Feltes, SC, USN
Captain J. H. Stephens, SC, USN
Commander J. Q. Wagner, SC, USN

"White Hat March"
Music Courtesy of:
U.S. Navy Stage Band